Friday, March 8, 2013

Week 1

Two weeks off was not enough time to be going back to classes already. I knew this break wouldn't last, but I sure wish it was a little longer.

After my first week of papers (courses), I think it's safe to say that teaching here is much different than back home at RIT. Professors here are a lot more "hands off," and seem distant due to large class sizes and short lecture times. There is a lot less class time here, and a lot more independent reading. The papers I'm taking are a lot different than normal: Geology, Marine Science, Pacific Studies, and Development of the International Economy. I kind of miss the math.

All of my papers look very promising. I'm very interested in the course material, and for once I feel like I'm retaining information at levels I haven't recognized since high school. I'm gonna learn sooooooo much this semester. My travel schedule is totally going to start conflicting with my study schedule in weeks to come, but I'll just have to get my priorities straight. The out of class work gets really serious around the end of March.

I joined a bunch of clubs this week, the two most notable being Meat Club (big bbq's every fortnight), and Canoe Club (super-excited for this one; after my first meeting last night, I can't wait to learn how to roll a Kayak next week). I also may have a show at New Zealand's oldest (and most obnoxious) radio station soon enough.

I'm finally meeting some Kiwi's, most of which are very friendly and happy to see Americans joining their clubs. Some of these guys shy away from the camera while I'm trying to get some experience with street photography, but maybe they'll get used to me. In the meantime, I have to be really sneaky.

I'm gonna keep this post short, as I've been up late every day this week playing poker, going to pubs, or attending indie rock/dubstep concerts (weird combo, I know. Ladi6 killed it tonight, by the way, while Mt. Eden fell short of my expectations). Tomorrow is going to be incredible though. My friends and I are travelling to Whangamata for some awesome beaches and waterfalls, and Sunday we're going for an 8-hour tramp in the Pinnacles! Hundreds of pictures to come, I'm sure. It's our first camping trip too so we'll get to work the kinks out. Added bonus for this week: I get to drive on the left side of the road! Wish me luck!


Bros on a bench

The clock tower behind some palms

I do not know the name of this man

Ridiculously photogenic college student

Happy family with ridiculously photogenic mom

Ridiculously photogenic group of friends

They were talking about their favorite Ke$ha song

Student in deep thought

I have no idea what these guys do, but they bring out couches to the quad every morning

There's heaps of flowers on campus

I love when universities do this

Local Māori sculpture


High school students on a lunch break

The UofA Marae (Māori religious area)

Additional photo enthusiasts

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