Monday, May 27, 2013

A Slow Week

Ahh. New Zealand. I've hit a low point during my stay here. The last two weeks have been somewhat uneventful, but I'm going to try to cheer myself up and write about the last 10 days. Without big trips on the weekends, I fail to get work done during the week, and the works eats up a ton of the time I could be out exploring the city.

So I think the first thing I should cover where I last left off would be celebrating Norway's Constitution Day with a bunch of my new European friends. I put stress on where they come from, because as I reminisce, I'm worried that I'll fail to keep in touch with them once I go home, 'cause, they're like, far away. Hopefully that won't happen. Anyway, after some socializing, flag making, and anthem singing, we went out for what seemed to be quite a long night on the town. The time flew by, and all of a sudden- 3am. I needed a bed. I woke up early the next morning, not the least bit recharged, but eager to make my promise to my flatmate to go to a French Market. I had some baked bread with chocolate in it for breakfast, got some produce, and was on my way. I think I went for a run that afternoon, but I'm positive most of my time was spent on homework. That night, I went bowling for the first time in in forever with the Norwegians (and a Swede, and a German, and a Kiwi), and couldn't manage to break 100 (I got a double strike, and still only got a 99!). We hit up a bar with music that was too loud and went home around midnight. To cap off the weekend, on Sunday, I watched two episodes of Game of Thrones, which were stellar.

Then the week of nothing commenced. Literally nothing happened. I went to school, ran a bunch, went rock climbing, and that was pretty much it. By Friday, I was sick of this rut. I went to a local bakery (like a 45 minute walk) that agreed to teach me the art of making New Zealand pies. When I arrived, I was taken to the kitchen only to be yelled at by the owner's wife, and I was kicked out. Not sure what happened there. So I explored Ponsonby, and found a radio station. Made me feel at home a bit, I liked the familiarity. They gave me a short tour and I was on my way. I also had a smoothie with Kate (my Kiwi advisor) and representatives from Arcadia and Denison University to talk about how the experience was going. At night, I went out with my camera and took a few photos before realizing the pain of night photography. I also played around with some custom-made apertures for interesting bokeh effects, but I ran out of patience and had to stop. Went to bed early that night. Saturday I did nothing, save walking to the bathroom once in a while. To be fair the weather was terrible, but I still should've done something. Sunday was better, I got some bagels (been making breakfast sandwiches like mad now) did a very long workout, which completely drained me, and once again, I went to bed early.

I'm hoping things are going to get more interesting. I was worried I wouldn't get enough out of the country, so I planned my last big trip: Dunedin. I'm soloing this one over 6 days, in order to feel at one with the landscape, and I'm not sure how good of an idea that is. One thing I do know, is that after this, I will have completed this country, in my mind. I'm excited to think that I'm so close to doing everything I wanted to do, save Abel Tasman, on such a short and limited stay. I guess I'm thankful for that. I'm thankful for being able to have this opportunity in the first place. For Arcadia and RIT making this so easy, for my parents who quickly jumped on board the idea, and for the chance to explore a country which would shape how I look at the world. This place is sweet as, I'm happy I'm here.


Gratulerer med dagen Norge! (Arttu Peltonen)

Annnnd my favorite, for last. Enjoy!

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